Tips to Secure Your Home While Away

Paper house with pad lock

March Break has been postponed until April this year in Ontario, but some people will still be leaving their homes. Below are tips to help secure your home while away:

  • Don't announce your trip on social media. Advertising details about where you'll be and for how long is a break and enter waiting to happen.
  • Install light timers or invest in lights that can be operated through your smartphone. Change them regularly to make it appear as though the house is occupied.
  • Install a security system- even better if it's one that can be accessed through your phone or laptop. Ensure it has memory storage for incriminating evidence. Voice control is ideal if you wish to personally warn off porch pirates or would-be burglars.
  • Ensure your security system monitors 24/7 and automatically records specified activity. Some will activate with programmed motions such as movement of a person or vehicle.
  • Set up adequate video storage (iCloud). Be careful important footage isn't recorded over if the camera uses a loop.
  • Set a strong password for wireless security systems to make it more difficult for criminals to hack or by-pass.
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to grab any mail or newspapers that may pile up on your porch and see if they will park in your driveway, as well.
  • Maintain the most “normal” appearance for your home as possible. Trained thieves can detect decoy behaviour, such as all blinds drawn and blasting music or televisions.