Spring cleaning tips to ensure your insurance is up to date

Cleaning supplies

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has recently published a series of helpful tips for the Spring season. Let's start by reviewing their "Spring Cleaning" recommendations:

  • Check and maintain smoke detectors
  • Install and/or check CO detectors
  • Check your property for obstructions that may prevent water from draining away from your house
  • Update your emergency kit
  • Review your family's emergency plan
  • Check your car's lights, signals, tire pressure and fluids
  • Update your home inventory (see below)
  • Review your insurance policy

Spring cleaning time is an ideal opportunity to prepare or update your home inventory list. When you increase the value of your home through a renovation or purchase expensive furniture, art, jewellery or other valuable items, notify your insurance professional.

Tips for Making a Home Inventory

  1. Keep bills, receipts, warranties and instruction manuals for your more valuable possessions – these can serve as proof of ownership.
  2. Store records and receipts in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box or a securely online.
  3. Review your home inventory every year and when you make new purchases.
  4. Take photographs or video footage of all of your valuable possessions.
  5. Store records of credit cards, taxes, government and other important household documents in an off-site location.

Print a copy of IBC’s Personal Property Inventory Checklist to track your possessions