Spring car maintenance tips

Car Maintenance Tips

We continue the Insurance Bureau of Canada's Spring tips series with a review of their recommended car maintenance:

Warmer weather means more cyclists, joggers and kids playing outside, increasing the need for focus. Ensure your vehicle is maintained so you can keep your attention where it belongs – on the drive.

Tips to maintain your car and drive safely:

  • Schedule a vehicle maintenance check to ensure tires, wipers, and brakes are functioning properly
  • Check tire pressures each month and don't forget the spare
  • Top up on windshield wiper fluid and ensure the fluid nozzles and the wiper blades are in good working order
  • If safe to do so, do your best to avoid potholes – they can damage tires and wheels and can potentially cause you to lost control
  • If you do need to pull over, be careful on gravel shoulders, as they can be softer than usual after the thaw
  • Have an emergency kit in the car at all times as spring storms can strike at any moment
  • Pull over to use phone and other electronics
  • If something falls while you're driving, leave it until you are parked
  • Make sure pets are safely secured
  • Set your GPS prior to departure
  • Don't eat while driving if it means you need to take hands off the wheel
  • If a situation can't wait, pull over safely to deal with it