Hit a parked car? What now?

Car accident

As school returns in Ontario and schedules go back to routine, you might find yourself driving more and parking more. If you're having a bad day and accidentally back into a parked car, here's what to do:

  • Remain calm and don't leave the scene- witnesses or not
  • Get out and inspect the damage
  • Take photos if possible
  • Depending where you are, try your best to find or wait for the owner
  • If the driver of the parked car cannot be found, you are obligated by law to leave a written notice of the accident
  • Place the notice in a visible location on the parked car where it won't blow away- under the windshield wiper is a good spot and Include: 1) Your full name and address, 2) Your driver’s licence number, 3) Your licence plate number

Considering a "Hit and Run"?

Think again.These days it's hard-pressed to find a parking lot that's not under some type of surveillance. Hitting a parked vehicle and leaving the scene of the accident has serious consequences. You could be charged with a hit-and-run under the Criminal Code of Canada for “Failure to Stop at the Scene of the Accident” or “Failure to Remain at the Scene of the Accident” under the Highway Traffic Act. Penalties can include tickets, fines, demerit points, licence suspension, imprisonment, and an increase in insurance rates.

All accidents must be reported to your insurance company regardless of fault and the damage amount. To learn more on how best to handle an at-fault accident, speak with your insurance broker today.