Four Critical Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home Cybersecurity

Home Cybersecurity

As people continue to work from home with more connected devices than ever, becoming a target of data or identity theft, ransomware or personal cyberattacks is a potential risk to almost anyone.

4 Critical Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Home Cybersecurity

Secure WIFI?

Without an IT department in the office to help secure WIFI networks, hackers can more easily access home networks. One method to help protect your personal WIFI from hackers is to create a dedicated WIFI network for work purposes only.

Phishing Emails?

According to Norton, phishing scams are the number one cause of data breaches, but around 30% of people wouldn’t be able to detect one. When a hacker sends a legitimate looking email and a malicious link or attachment is opened, they can gain access to the user's personal and private networks.

Strong Passwords?

Using simple passwords, or one password for multiple access points (banking, email, social media, etc) allows hackers to gain unauthorized access to multiple accounts in a very short period of time. Use Multi-Factor Authentication and create several strong passwords to make things harder to hack. If a hack does occur, the breach is limited to one source/account versus everything on your computer.

Cyber Insurance?

Comprehensive security software definitely helps protect you against hackers, but it’s more relevant and important than ever before to have adequate insurance against destructive and disruptive cyberattacks.