Car insurance discounts

Car driving down road on a sunny day


At Best Buy Insurance, we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to enroll in the Intact my Driving Discount™ car insurance discount program. If you are a safe driver with great driving habits, you could save up to 25% on your car insurance policy! Here’s how:

Just by enrolling you get a 5 – 10% discount on your premium immediately !!

  • Simply speak to an insurance broker at Best Buy Insurance – you’ll automatically receive a 5 – 10% discount on your policy just for signing up for the program!
  • Receive the my Driving Discount™ device in the mail, and plug it into your vehicle. This device will record your driving behaviour such as the time of day you drive, any hard braking, or quick acceleration.
  • You’ll get access to a personalized website that outlines your driving behaviour and shows your potential car insurance discounts based on the way you drive.
  • Drive as you normally would for an initial assessment period (a minimum of 180 days). Your discount will be determined based on your driving habits, and will be applied to your auto insurance policy the next time you renew. You could save up to 25%!

THERE’S NOTHING TO LOSE! Your premium will never increase as a result of the data collected by the device. You will be rewarded with a customized auto insurance policy that reflects your safe driving habits.

To learn more about the Intact Insurance my Driving Discount™ program, get in touch with a broker at Best Buy Insurance Today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the discount program and provide you with a quote. Call Best Buy Insurance today and enroll ! 905-683-3110