9 Tips For Safe Boating

Safe Boating

This time of year is perfect for reviewing boat safety tips:

  1. Check the weather forecast before heading out. Head back if you’re on the water and notice a darkening sky and rough and changing winds.
  2. By law, pleasure craft must have a Canadian-approved flotation device for everyone on board. Ensure there are adequately sized and proper quantity of Canadian-approved flotation devices on board.
  3. Stats show that alcohol doubles the chances of a boating accident. Boating under the influence, whether alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription narcotics is illegal and potentially fatal. Boat sober.
  4. Carry at least one fire extinguisher- make sure it’s accessible.
  5. Make sure you carry proof of ownership, operator’s card, required fishing permits and charts of the cruising area.
  6. Carry spare batteries for your radio, flashlights, GPS, etc.
  7. Let family or staff at the marina know where you’re going and how long you intend to be gone.
  8. For longer trips, you can provide the phone number of the trip leader, boat type, trip itinerary and types of communication and signal equipment onboard.
  9. Anyone driving a motorized boat must have a pleasure-craft operator card. Don’t get caught without one- take a course and get your license.

Knowing the rules and using common sense are important. Operating at a safe speed, steering clear of large vessels and watercraft, and being respectful of buoys and other navigational aids will help ensure the safety of everyone.