11 Cottage Safety Tips

Cottage Safety Tips

As another long weekend in Ontario approaches, it’s the perfect time to review cottage safety! Here are eleven tips to help ensure the safety of cottage owners and guests alike:

  1. Put together a boat and cottage safety kit. Make sure supplies are replenished.
  2. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries annually.
  3. Keep firefighting tools like a bucket of water, sand and shovels nearby fire pits.
  4. Clean grease from BBQ’s and supervise all cooking- inside or out. Cooking is the leading cause of fire in Ontario homes- especially from being left unattended.
  5. Install fire extinguishers in the kitchen, garage, boathouse, and powerboats. Make sure you know how to use them.
  6. Make a designated "smoking area", with sand or water filled cans for butts.
  7. Keep the local emergency contact and directions to the cottage saved in a designated spot and on your smartphone.
  8. Ensure your address number is visible from the road.
  9. Remove dry leaves and debris from the cottage roof and eaves troughs to reduce the risk of fire.
  10. Check the condition of any boats, including fuel lines and tanks. Check that all required safety equipment is on board and in good repair.
  11. Prepare for extreme weather events and create a family emergency preparedness plan for the cottage.

Now is also a good time to review your cottage and boat insurance policies. Double check that you have the coverage you need. If your situation has changed in any way, such as selling or purchasing a new boat, or renovating your cottage, talk with your insurance advisor. If you have any questions about cottage and/or boat insurance just contact us. We're here to help.