10 tips for avoiding water damage from spring thaw and rain

Rainy day

The Insurance Bureau of Canada recommends the following tips for mitigating any damage or other issues from water damage from the Spring thaw and rainy weather:

  • Don't store important documents in your basement- put valuable papers and possession in a place where they can't get damaged
  • Install a sump pump or do an annual maintenance check to pump out excess water in the event of a flood
  • Keep a current and detailed home inventory to make flood insurance claims faster and more accurate
  • If your neighbourhood is prone to flooding, take precautions throughout your house and property, such as assembling a disaster safety kit and creating a 72-hour emergency preparedness plan for your family
  • Keep road drains clear from flooding
  • Clear eaves troughs and downspouts so that water is directed away from your home
  • Ensure there is proper grading around your home
  • Install backwater valves or plugs in drains, toilets and other sewer connects
  • Avoid keeping expensive items in your basement, especially if it's not finished and/or prone to flooding
  • If you're planning on being away, have someone check on your property for any signs of flooding or suspicious activity